During a recent holiday trip to “Baños de Santa Agua,” my daughter came across some beautiful red boots being sold in a local store. These boots were not only a vibrant shade of red, they were creatively designed and each individual material used added to its sturdy and innovative design. My daughter was mesmerized by the color and the design and had to share them with us. Our attention drawn to this particular pair, we were fascinated and wanted to see more pairs of boots and shoes as well as meet those who made this footwear. We asked around and were finally able to meet the artisans who had designed and developed the footwear. Along our path, we were also able to see many other shoes and boots created by the same artisans. One thing we immediately noticed was that no two pairs were alike—they may have been the same color or size; but each pattern was different, each style unique.

After speaking with the local Ecuadorian artisans, we felt their desire to bring their craft to the world’s attention; and at that moment, we shared in that desire; and, as such, we embarked on this journey to showcase these one-of-a-kind shoes and boots. Our mutual goal being to bring the feeling my daughter had when she saw those beautiful red boots to the world. This was the beginning of the journey and how ANDIZ was born.

We are committed to support the local craftsmen in the Ecuadorian region through our partnership. We are also committed to providing assistance to the regional children in need; and every time you purchase a pair of ANDIZ, we will make a donation to local foundations to help children in need.

We hope you enjoy the unique pair of shoes or boots you purchased, there were created just for you. ANDIZ are not just shoes and boots, they color, joy, happiness, and love!


For centuries, the wool from llamas, sheep and alpacas has been used to create regional clothing, shoes, and coats. Each pair of ANDIZ shoes and boots is created in a very unique way. 100%wool is weaved by hand using a technique passed down from generation to generation. These bright and amazing colors are created by manually applying natural dyes to the wool, which produces the unique pattern and colors. With the weaving and coloring process complete, shoe artisans Wilmer Perez and Norma Ochoa hand-cut each piece of fabric to create a truly unique piece of art. Each ANDIZ shoe and boot is cut, sewn, and crafted to offer a unique pair, every time. The process is arduous and time-consuming; taking hours from start to finish; but the final product is a true testament to creativity and beauty. Your pair of ANDIZ is unique; so wear your ANDIZ with pride!